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You will learn how to incorporate a new program  into your sales efforts in this post.

You must first build a program and then assign it to your campaign in order to integrate your external store or any other external site where you are doing sales and wish to pay commission for each order and each click on your store’s items.

Step 1: Open the admin panel and select Left Menu > Marketing > Programs.

Step 2: To add a new application, select the add new button.

Step 3: Details of the Set Sale integration:

  • Set “Commission Type” to Fixed or Percentage
  • Set the commission rate you want to share with your affiliates under “Commission For Sale [percent or dollars]”
  • Enable or Disable program selling commission by setting the “Sale Status”

Step 4: Set the Click integration details 

  • Select “Click Allow” to choose if affiliates will get commissions for each product they click on or only the first time.
  • Set “Number Of Click” to the required number of clicks for an affiliate to earn a commission.
  • Set the commission you wish to pay per “number of click value” in the “Amount Per Click” setting.
  • Set “Sale Status”: Program Click Commission to Enable or Disable

Step 5: Save the new program  .

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