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What are forms and how they can help me?

The forms are another good approach to showcase your chosen items on a landing page with a unique URL and advertise them for sale if you’re using the local shop module.

Forms can assist you in doing this if, for instance, you have 100 goods in your shop and want to build a different landing page and only show 5.

Step 1: Set the form sale commission, click commission, and recurring default commission.
1. Go to the admin panel and choose the left menu, local store, store settings, and form setting.
2. The values for your own sale click commission settings may be chosen and inserted.
3. Choose the commission type for your sale, which may be either a percentage or a flat amount.
4. Commission for Sale -> Enter the Commission for PPC/Visits/View ($) value [% or $]

5. Choose the Commission for the Click
6. Set the number of clicks per commission so that it corresponds to the desired click amount.
7. Choose the value of “recurring” for this sale or click in the form.

Step 2: Create a new form

1. Navigate to admin panel>>left menu>>local store
2. Add a new product category, if you didn’t do this already.
3. Add a new product, if you didn’t do this already.
4. Navigate to admin panel>>left menu>>local store>>
From List
5. Create a new form and give it any title/SEO text/Content.
6. Recurring – if you want, choose recurring commission.. [Must add the corn job that under setting>>cron jobs, to your hosting panel under crons] 7. Allow For Product – choose which product do you want to display on your landing page.
8. Coupon – you can choose a discount coupon for this landing page that every client that will have this coupon will get the discount that you set under the admin panel>>left menu>>local store>>forms coupon.
9. Footer Content – insert your footer content.

10. Google Analytics:- Insert your Google Analytics tracking code here to see page statistics. Only after saving the form and receiving the public link for building your Google Analytics project are you able to accomplish this.
11. Once the form has been successfully saved, you will notice a public option next to the form name. By clicking on it, your landing page form will become live.
12. As of right now, it is also visible to your affiliate on the marketing page.

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