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Only experienced developers should use this post back integration.


We are unable to help you with that; you will transmit the information to your developer, who will advise you on how to utilize it in accordance with the flow of your site.


There is always a risk that a conversion may occur for JavaScript, iframe, and image pixels if the session cookie is blocked or deleted from the user’s browser. While these instances are rare (only around 3% of internet users block cookies), you can implement a cookie less tracking backup option by manually passing the session click to the advertiser landing page and then passing the clicked back to the offer pixel on conversion to record conversions in cases where cookies are not being tracked.

The clicked parameter that SLICE Digital passes to the advertiser’s website must be captured and stored by the advertiser under this scheme. The following URL (the example) is transferred by SLICE Digital from the advertiser’s website to the visitor or customer:


Advertisers website destination (sample)



  • {city} – City Name
  • {region Code} – Region Code
  • {region Name} – Region Name
  • {country Code} – Country Code
  • {country Name} – Country Name
  • {continent Name} – Continent Name
  • {time zone} – Time zone
  • {currency Code} – Currency Code
  • {currency Symbol} – Currency Symbol
  • {ip} – IP-address
  • {type} – Type (action, general click, product click, sale)
  • {id} – if its type=sale than saleid_param_info otherwise its clickid_param_info
  • {custom_field1} – Custom Field 1
  • {custom_field2} – Custom Field 2

Destination example:

destination website for advertisers (example)

https://www.domain.co.nz/?city=New York&regionCode=NY&regionName=New York&countryCode=US&countryName=United States&continentName=NA&timezone=North America&currencyCode=$&currencySymbol=USD&ip=


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