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This section explains the purpose of our store module.

You may handle everything of your online business using the e-commerce module without having to set up an online shop or any external website. The e-commerce script may be used to sell your goods, but what’s crucial is that it automatically creates share links for your affiliates so you don’t have to!

The fact that the script provides you with the complete solution for the shop and online forms with a comprehensive affiliate program in one place is another benefit. You no longer need to work on two systems and integrate data across two sites! Is that incredible?

  • Sell physical, digital, and virtual products
  • The most common live payment methods are all part of the whole checkout procedure.
  • Payments made offline, such as through bank transfer or cash delivered
  • Sell real stuff, digital products, and virtual goods.
  • Add many products
  • Make countless categories
  • customers from the backend and frontend
  • Manage your store’s customers online.
  • customers get a full dashboard
  • Create coupons to offer your customers discounts.
  • Expand your store’s coupon options at will.
  • Support the shop with Google Analytics
  • Incorporate an About page on the front of the business.
  • On the storefront side, the support categories page
  • On the front of the shop, the Support Policy page
  • The storefront side’s support page has a contact us link.
  • Publish a checkout form with the desired goods.
  • Add countless forms, then share each one independently.
  • Include variations in your items.
  • Support Live PayPal payment escape technique
  • Support the Stripe live payment access technique
  • Support the Skrill live payment alternative
  • Support Paytm live payment access technique
  • Opay live payment escape technique support
  • Support the Yandex live payment access technique
  • Support the Paystack live payment escape strategy.
  • Support the live payment escape technique Razorpay
  • Support Using a bank transfer as an offline payment
  • Support Cash on delivery is a popular offline payment option.
  • Adding your own local payment method using the API option
    A URL For An e-commerce Demo


  • The vendor is able to use the admin store and include his own tangible or intangible products.
  • All of the vendor’s items will be accessible via his shop URL, which he may design along with a unique slug name.
  • Vendors may be charged by the admin for each sale and click made on shop content.
  • The seller may set up a campaign linkage between his external shop or website and the affiliate script.
  • The vendor will have unrestricted access to integrate any website or shop that operates on his servers. [The list is provided below]
  • Admin may charge vendors for each sale, click, or other activity related to shop activity.
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