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  • Simplify popup registration: manual or automatic approval options are available.
  • Create recommendations from your current payment forms and keep track of them.

Auto-send exclusive coupon codes

  • Boost Sales with Coupons.
  • Exclusive Deals Await You
  • Drive Revenue with Discounts

Effortless popup for seamless email collection

  • Grow with Email
  • Lead Magnet Pop-up.
  • Emails into Leads
  • Effortless Lead Generation

Boost sales with a cookie-friendly popup notification

  • Cookie Consent Made Easy.
  • Compliant Cookie Awareness
  • Seamless Cookie Notifications

Show Informational Messages at Perfect Moments

  • Limited-Time Offers
  • Empower Your Site.
  • Increase Your Brand's Reach Right Away
  • Drive Business Growth

Elevate sales with our Request Collector popup solution

  • Lead Collection Simplified.
  • Score Your Satisfaction
  • Request Collector Magic

Revolutionize sales with captivating video popup strategies

  • Boost Engagement with Video
  • YouTube Showcase Pop-up.
  • Inform with Video
  • Visual Storytelling Tool

Why It Is Important To My Business?

  • Grab attention with interactive popups.
  • Real-time analytics for strategic improvements.
  • Deliver relevant info at critical moments.
  • Ensure user-friendly, legal data collection practices.
  • Seamless email collection for potential clients.
  • Boost sales through auto-sent exclusive coupons.
  • Elevate sales with versatile Request Collector popups.
  • Revolutionize sales with captivating video popup strategies.
  • Build brand loyalty with strategic popups.

Explore 30+ notification possibilities available

  • Notification Management

  • Coupon Notifier 

  • LiveCounter Alerts 

  • Email Collector Tool 

  • Conversion Booster 

  • Conversions Counter 

  • Video Insights 

  • Social Share Menu 

  • Review Dashboard 

  • Emoji Feedback Center 

  • Cookie Alert 

  • Request Collector Tool

  • Time Countdown Aggregator 

  • Symfony Score Feedback Manager

Bio link pages

Pages with popup links for digital business cards, streamlining connections and information sharing in a modern and efficient manner.

QR Codes

Efficiently share information with digital business cards using QR codes that pop up, fostering quick connections and seamless networking.

Event links

Elevate networking with digital business cards featuring popup event links. Seamlessly integrate professional connections with upcoming events, enhancing engagement and fostering meaningful interactions through innovative and dynamic virtual platforms.

Built-in analytics

Transform connections with digital business cards featuring a built-in analytical framework. Elevate networking by gaining insights into interactions, optimizing engagement, and fostering meaningful professional relationships through data-driven strategies and innovative virtual platforms.

Frequently Asked Question

Add the IKVALA Sales Booster website popup to benefit entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers, programmers, photographers, and everyone else looking to enhance their website's SEO.

"IKVALA Sales Booster is a plugin designed for any website. To use IKVALA Sales Booster, you must have a WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, or any other type of website."

"Absolutely. Enhancing website SEO is possible without any technical expertise. One of the most user-friendly app for improving website visibility is IKVALA Sales Booster."

"Absolutely. Performance is a top priority in the development of IKVALA Sales Booster. We've crafted it with meticulous attention to ensure smooth and fast operation, employing best practices and contemporary standards."

Yes, indeed. As IKVALA Sales Booster is a Website Optimization plugin, it can be utilized by websites that do not use WordPress. To integrate IKVALA Sales Booster, your website installation must be either self-hosted or on shared hosting.

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