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CPS – Cost Per Sale Integration:

    • Step 1: write a program.
    • Step 2: Design a banner.

    Step 1:Create the program instructions

    • Run the script via HTTPS; otherwise, the tracking may not work.
    • Go to Marketing Tools and click Add Program.
    • Include your new CPS [cost per sale] affiliate program.

choose “add new” from the menu.

Set a Program Name: You can give the program any name, but keep it brief for later table presentation.

Sale Commission Settings:

  • Set “Commission Type” to Fixed or Percentage
  • Set the commission rate you want to share with your affiliates under “Commission For Sale [percent or dollars]”
  • Configure “Sale Status”: Program selling commission can be enabled or disabled.

Click Commission Settings:

  • Select “Click Allow” to determine whether affiliates will receive commissions for each product they click on or only the first time.
  • Set “Number Of Clicks” to the number of clicks the affiliate must receive to receive the commission.
  • Set the commission you wish to pay per “number of clicks” in the “Amount Per Click” setting.
  • Set “Sale Status”: Program Click Commission to Enable or Disable

Finally, save!

Step 2 – Navigate to Marketing Tools>>Add Banner

Choose a new banner from the ones given.

Set all of the banner data on the general settings tab.

  • From the tool type option, choose “Program.”
  • Set the banner to “enabled” on the right side if you wish to publish it.
  • Select your sales program from the available options.
  • Set the URL to the external website, shop, or page where you want your clients to arrive after clicking the affiliate banner.
  • Select a category [option].
  • choose an icon and an image (required)

finally, save.

Using CMS? This step is for you!

[If you are using a custom shop site or another framework, skip to the next step]

Please follow the instructions on our plugins page in the left menu to install the plugin if you are using a CMS like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc.

Marketing tools >> Plugin installation instructions are available when you locate your plugin on that page and click on it.

This step is for you if you’re using a custom shop site or any other framework!

To receive the code for your purchase confirmation page, click the website code.

[This is the page to which your clients will be redirected after successful payment].

Set the standard tracking code in your website’s header (the header must be the same on all pages of your site).


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