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  • Forms Commission

The top essential integrations that control our affiliate script are ranked 1–5 below.

Select the integration for which you are willing to pay a commission, and we’ll help you understand how it would be possible to integrate with your website.


  1. CPS -> Cost Per Sale

On your website, shop, or landing page, you may also create an integration to pay a commission per entire order.

  • Step 1 is as easy as creating a program and choosing the percentage of sales you’d want to split with an affiliate who shares and promotes your website.
  • Step 2: A commission (excluding shipping and tax) will be deducted from the entire order and recorded in the Admin and Affiliate wallets.
  • Step 3: The affiliate will be able to request a withdrawal from you after the sale is approved (manually or automatically), at which point the commission will automatically release it to him (as admin).
  1. CPC -> Cost Per Click
  • You can set up integration to pay a commission in the event that a customer clicks on any link from an affiliate lead to your site, page, landing page, or other link of your choice.
  • It might be a certain product in a shop, a certain page, a one-time click on the website, a landing page, and more.
  • It is important that you have access to that backend page so you can also add the affiliate program’s tracking code there.
  1. CPL-> Cost Per Lead

Do you want to track leads or forms sent on your website? ->> The user will be led to a thank you page when the leads action is complete, so you must have one.

  1. CPR -> Cost Per Registration

Do you want to pay a commission for each person who registers on your site and track their registrations? ->> The user will need to be led to a thank-you page after completing the registration process, so you must have one.

  1. CPA -> Cost Per Action
  • You agree to provide the affiliate a commission for any action your customers take on your website by creating an integration for it.
  • For instance, you could wish to pay commission when a new customer registers on your site via an affiliate link.
  • Any activity that your customer does on your website, landing page, shop, etc. may result in the customer arriving on a thank you page when his action is completed. The commission is released to his wallet as soon as it is finished.

We offer a tone of different connectors, such as plug-and-play to the most widely used CMS (WordPress, Magneto, and more…).

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