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Instructions for Integration:


  • Step 1: Start a campaign.
  • Step 2: Integrate the tracking code on your website 
  • Step 3: Run the security integration validation test. 
  • Step 4: Test using an affiliate account 


Step 1 –  Start A Campaign

  • Run the script using HTTPS protocol, if not, then it can affect the tracking
  • Navigate to marketing>>campaigns>>create new



  • Choose the “Click integration” tool type.
  • Decide on a campaign name.
  • Set the target link that you want to track; it might be either your main website or a particular page.
  • Select a category. [Option]
  • You will be assigned an auto-featured icon, which you can change to one of your choosing.
  • You’ll have an automatic featured image that you may change to one of your own.
  • Set “Number Of Clicks” to the number of clicks the affiliate must receive to receive the commission.
  • Set the commission you want to pay per “number of click value” when setting the “Cost Per Click”
  • Set “General code”; it must not contain any spaces or special characters because it is a powerful code that must be contained within the tracking code.
  • Save the banner, finally.


Step 2 – Integrate the tracking code on your site

To obtain the code for your target page, click the integration icon.

  • Place a copy of the Common Tracking code in the header of your website or on the page where you want to track clicks.
  • Place the general click tracking code in the header of your website or the page you want to track clicks on.

Step 3: Run the integration security tester to validate the integration.

Step 4 – Test using an affiliate account

Do a full test using an affiliate account and on a different browser w no admin and no affiliate are logins in.

Results on Admin wallet:

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