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You can discover how to add a new sales campaign in this post.

Step 1: Open the admin panel and choose Left Menu > Marketing > Campaigns.

Step 2: Click add new after selecting the kind of ads for your campaign [Banner/Text/Link/Video].

Step 3: From the tool type menu, choose “Sale Integration”.

Step 4: From the list under the “Tool Integration Plugin” option, choose the integration tool.

step 5: Choose the time frame for your campaign .

Step 6:Set the campaign name

Step 7:Set the Target URL for the website you are integrating with.

step 8:Setting the campaign category[Optional]

Step 9: Establish or choose the commission scheme for your campaign.

step 10: Set campaign terms.[Optional]

Step 11: Choose the users who will have access to the campaign.[All users/selected groups/selected users]

step 12: Set to enable and save .

Step 13: To obtain detailed instructions for the integration with your site, click the incorporates code button after saving.

Follow step 14 if your integration is the “Custom Order Integration.” Otherwise, go on to step 15.

Step 14: Instructions Custom Order Integration

You must set the Order Tracking Script and Common Tracking Script in this stage.
Tracking Script Usual:
Install the standard tracking code in your website’s header (the header must be the same on all pages of your site).

Order tracking script:

This code must be integrated with your site’s variables on your order confirmation page.

Order ID: Substitute your dynamic variable here.
Replace Order Currency with your dynamic variable.
Replace Order Total with your dynamic variable.
Replace Product IDs with your dynamic variable.
WebsiteUrl = The campaign’s target URL is pre-set in this field.

Step 15: Validate the campaign by clicking “Perform Integration Check” before moving on to the next step of the test procedure. Hold off till it is finished.

According to the results, the campaign “Integration Status” will be updated. [Approved/Pending]

Approved – This status indicates that your target site header has the common code.

Pending – This state indicates that your target site header is not identified by the common code.

IMPORTANT! The validation tool cannot recognize the order integration code that you entered on your purchase confirmation page due to access security permissions. The duty of your website developer or you will determine if integration outcomes are successful.

Integration is a chargeable service; feel free to contact us for a quote. https://affiliatepro.org/support/

Step 16: Select the levels tab under the modify campaign option to configure the MLM Default/Custom settings for each campaign.

Step 17: By going to the Recurring tab under the Edit Campaign option, you can change the recurring setting for each campaign to Default/Custom.

Step 18: By selecting the post back tab under the modify campaign option, you can change the Postbank setting for each campaign to Disable, Default, or Custom. For experienced developers, a comprehensive handbook is offered.

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