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You will discover how to create a new click campaign in this post.

Step 1: Open the admin panel and choose Left Menu > Marketing > Campaigns.

Step 2: Click add new after selecting the kind of ads for your campaign [Banner/Text/Link/Video].

Step 3: From the list of tool types, choose “Click Integration.”

Step 4: Select the marketing period.

Step 5.: Set the campaign name

Step 6: Set the Target URL for the website you are integrating with

step 7: Set the campaign category[Optional]

Step 8: Configure or choose the campaign’s commission action data. [Number of Clicks, Cost Per Click, and General Code (may be any string, such as click 1, click 2, etc.)]

step 9: Set campaign terms .[Optional]

Step 10: Decide which users will have access to the campaign.[All users/selected groups/selected users]

step 11: Set to enable and save

Step 12: To obtain detailed instructions for integrating the code with your site, hit the integrate code button after saving.

Step 13: Once the integration has been finished, you must verify the campaign and run a security tester to ensure that the integration code has been appropriately installed on your target site. Upon successful completion, you will notice the campaign’s approved status and it will be visible to users.

Step 14: Select the levels tab under the modify campaign option to set the MLM Default/Custom settings for each campaign.

Step 15: By going to the Recurring tab under the Edit Campaign option, you can change the recurring setting for each campaign to Default/Custom.

Step 16: By going to the post back tab under the edit campaign option, you can change the Post Back setting for each campaign to Disable/Default/Custom. For experienced developers, a complete handbook is offered.

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