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Order WooCommerce Integration:


Step 1 – Add Program

You must first build a program and then assign it to your campaign in order to integrate your external store or any other external site where you are doing sales and wish to pay commission for each order and each click on your store’s items.

1: Navigate to admin panel>>left menu>>Marketing>>Programs

2: To add a new program, select the add new  button.

  1. Provide Sale integration details:
  • Set “Commission Type”: Percentage / Fixed
  • Set “Commission For Sale [ % or $]”: The commission rate that you want to share with your affiliates
  • Set “Sale Status”: Enable or Disable program sale commission
  1. Set Click integration information:
  • Select “Click Allow” to determine if affiliates will get commission for each product they click on or only the first time.
  • Set “Number Of Click” to the number of clicks the affiliate must get to receive the commission.
  • Set the commission you wish to pay per “number of clicks” in the “Amount Per Click”
  • Set “Sale Status”: Program Click Commission to Enable or Disable

5: Save the new program.


Step 2 – Add Campaign

1: Navigate to admin panel>>left menu>>Marketing>>Campaigns

2: Click add new after selecting the kind of ads for your campaign [Banner/Text/Link/Video].

3: Select “Sale Integration” under Tool Type.

4: From the list under the “Tool Integration Plugin” option, choose the integration tool.

5: Select the time frame for your campaign.

6: choose a campaign name.

7: Set the Target URL for the website you are integrating with in step seven.

8: Decide on a campaign category (optional).

9: Pick on or set up the commission scheme for your campaign.

10: Establish campaign terms.[Optional]

11: Decide which users will have access to the campaign.

[All users/selected groups/selected users]

12: Turn it on and save it.

13: To obtain detailed instructions for the integration with your site, click the incorporated code button after saving.

14: Install a plugin for WooCommerce integration

  • Run the script using HTTPS protocol, if not, then it can affect the tracking
  • To download the integration plugin to your computer, click the integration icon.


Installation Of A WooCommerce Plugin

  • Enter your WordPress site’s login information and go to the plugin section.
  • Install the just downloaded plugin on your WordPress website by uploading it using our script.
  • Turn on the plugin.

Our plugin will appear on your list of plugins once installation is complete.

Navigate to setting>>Aff settings

  • Plugin status enabled
  • Enable tracking for WooCommerce.
  • Only if you are using the Cart flows checkout theme should you enable Cart flows while disabling WooCommerce.
  •   Save your settings

Finally done, your WooCommerce plugin is installed and active!

15: Run the integration security tester to validate the integration.

16: Perform a thorough test on a separate browser with no admin or affiliate logins while using an affiliate account.

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