What is the Best Way to Share a Digital Business Card?

Open the Send window.
To access the Send screen, double-touch your card or hit the Send button.

Bring up the Send screen to share your Ikvala digital business card.

Utilize the QR code on your business card to distribute it.
To distribute your card via QR code, instruct the recipient to open their phone’s camera app and point it at your code. Your business card should show on their phone instantly.

Utilize a QR code to share your Ikvala virtual business card.

Email your business card to others.
Select the Email tab and insert a name, an email address, and an optional message before emailing your business card to your new contact.

Share your Ikvala electronic business card through email.


Send a text message with your business card.
Tap the SMS tab and add your new contact’s name, phone number, and optional message. Then, text your business card to them. Please keep in mind that texting your business card from inside the app will originate from an Ikvala number. If you want to text your business card from your phone number, we suggest copying and pasting the URL to your card into the Messages app.

Utilize text messaging to distribute your Ikvala digital business card.

Share the link to your business card with others.
Select “Send link” and then copy and paste it into your Messages app, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or your preferred method of communication.

Copy and paste the URL to your Ikvala digital visiting card into your favourite mode of communication.