What is the Best Method for Creating a Business Card?

Business cards are essential in a number of settings, and creating the ideal card for your needs may be challenging. There is a business card for you out there, whether you need one to advertise your business, provide professional contact information, connect with friends, or for any other reason. This article will teach you how to pick and make the ideal business card for you.

Is it necessary to have business cards?

Business cards have been around for millennia and are as essential and significant now as they were before. Despite the fact that some firms have stopped distributing business cards to employees in order to become green and paperless in their workplaces, business cards are still alive and well in both physical and digital forms. Business cards remain the most efficient way to provide contact information, which may help you extend your network, raise brand recognition, and enhance sales.

What are the many types of business cards?

Most people see a business card as a wallet-sized piece of card stock, but this isn’t the only option. Make a physical business card using your imagination. These specialised business cards may be cut into interesting shapes and patterns to help you stand out from the crowd. Consider a digital business card if conventional business cards aren’t your thing (and they surely aren’t ours). Ikvala’s digital business cards, for example, provide more space than traditional paper business cards while still enabling you to exhibit your creativity.

Hand clutching a paper business card.

What information should a business card contain?

It is vital to comprehend what information should be included on a business card. It may be tough to select what to put on a paper business card with limited space vs a digital business card with infinite possibilities. The information listed below should be included on your business card:

1. State your name

2. The name of the company, the department, and the title

3. Contact details (basic)

four. geographic location

5. Photographic evidence

No. 6 Website

7. Utilization of social media

If you use a digital business card, you may include other information on your cards, such as your WhatsApp, payment apps, Calendly, Yelp, and other services. With Ikvala, you may add rich media to your digital business card, such as badges, PDFs, and an embedded YouTube video.

For a thorough list of items to include on your card, see our guide to digital business cards.




What information should your business card contain?