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6 Examples of B2B Prospect Lists That Generate More SQL

Leadfeeder is visitor tracking software that helps B2B businesses turn anonymous website traffic into real businesses you can target. But not every business that visits your website is a valuable lead – it could be competitors, people doing research, or your mom trying to figure out what you actually do for a living. Not all […]

Word of Mouth Marketing: How to Build a Strategy That Works

In this article, I’ll describe exactly what word of mouth marketing is and share some compelling statistics on how effective it is. Next, I’m going to get down to business and walk you through how to set up WOM marketing for your ecommerce business. What is word of mouth marketing? Word of mouth marketing, often […]

Tesla offers $ 1,000 to defenders and sponsored friends

Tesla halted its referral program in February 2019. Indeed, due to popular demand, the company announced the re-introduction of its very successful referral program with all new incentives. Indeed, since the launch of the company, they have committed to operating with a marketing budget of $ 0. No advertising, no advertising agency, no marketing manager […]