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2021 saw the release of some incredible brand new features and functions courtesy of Social Software Solutions. To begin, Penelope started working for Social Software Solutions in the first part of the year after she applied there. Then, we brought you game-changing new features such as Rules and Alerts, Attendance Module, ETO Mobile, Penelope Central Email, and Network Referrals, just to mention a few of them!


We have no intention of slackening off our pace in 2022. We are, if anything, increasing the rate at which we innovate and expand as a company. Not only do we continue to work on enhancing our industry-leading Case Management platform, but now, because of our partnerships with Every Action, Cyber Grants, and Network for Good, we are now offering tools for the full ecosystem of organizations working to do social good.


In the following update to the roadmap, we will discuss the features that are planned to be added to our Case Management product roadmap during the first half of 2022. We are delighted to continue to bring new features and updates that will support your everyday processes and help you serve more people. These new features and updates will be centered around three important themes: connected impact, community networks, and data and insights.


Watch the tape of the webinar on the Case Management product update that is provided below, and after that, be sure to see the product-specific roadmap videos that are provided lower down the page. These will make it possible for you to see modifications to the roadmaps for Apricot, ETO, or Penelope in a more particular manner. Have fun checking out the new information!