Affiliate Marketing Planning 

There is significant potential for an increase in sales with a comprehensive affiliate marketing program. You may easily increase the number of leads that you get as well as the quality of those leads, as well as your income, by using affiliate marketing programs to tap into your current audience and monetize your website. In comparison to the majority of other lead generation methods, this helps your affiliates while also saving you money.

Ikvala offers a one-of-a-kind and strong collection of research tools for affiliate marketing, which may assist you in discovering new opportunities for affiliate marketing and so increasing the effectiveness of your performance marketing plan.

This blog will provide responses to:

  • What exactly does affiliate research entail?
  • Where to look for affiliates who could develop into new business partners in the future?
  • The proper way to evaluate the worth of any referral domain
  • How to keep track of and make the most of the relationships you already have.
  • How to keep track of your rivals’ affiliate connections and make the most of them


Before committing time and money to a campaign or relationship, it is essential to carry out research. This is the cornerstone of any affiliate marketing plan that is effective. Examining the business sector or specialization in which one engages in affiliate marketing might be an excellent place to get started. Consider these questions:


  • Which other goods or services are out there that are comparable to mine?
  • Which items have proven to be the most successful within this specific market?
  • Who else is selling things that are comparable to mine?


If you offer answers to some of the questions listed above, you will be able to determine which domains and audiences have a connection to your niche, which will enable you to target affiliate networks and referral domains that provide exposure to those audiences.