Why are digital business cards preferable?

Let’s face it: business cards are inconvenient. They’re costly to maintain, and as a consequence of COVID19, they’re probably gathering dust in your desk drawer. As alternatives to conventional business cards reach the market, two new trends are emerging: Ikvala business cards and digital business cards.

While they are fundamentally the same, there are some key differences between Ikvala-only business cards and digital business cards. You must still purchase and carry a physical business card while using Ikvala business cards. Furthermore, while sharing your card with another person, you must be physically there, which means no networking through Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

Digital business card apps, on the other hand, are often offered for free. You’ll never have to worry about losing your business card at home again, since you can send it to anybody, anywhere with your phone—no app required.

Ikvala—the top-rated digital business card app—supports Ikvala technology if you’re seeking for an Ikvala-compatible digital business card. If you have an Ikvala tag, you may convert your digital business card into an Ikvala business card at no additional cost, allowing you to take use of the benefits of both digital and Ikvala business cards.

Why are Ikvala business cards preferable than Ikvala-only business cards?
Ikvala digital business cards are preferable than Ikvala-exclusive business card apps for a multitude of reasons, including affordability, shareability, and customization.


Still unsure whether to go with a digital business card or a service that only works with Ikvala? Ikvala’s digital business cards are the way to go.


1. You must always have a real business card with you while utilising Ikvala-exclusive apps.
Have you ever attempted to give out your business card to someone only to realise you left it at home? If you pick an Ikvala-only service, you must always carry a real card.

One of the most significant advantages of digital business cards is that you may access your virtual card at any time as long as you have your phone (or Apple Watch) with you. (After all, when was the last time you left the home without your phone?) Even if you forget to bring your Ikvala tag, you can still see and share your digital business card using the Ikvala app.

2. A digital business card may be distributed in a number of ways.
While tap-and-go technology is useful for in-person networking, it quickly becomes an issue when networking remotely, such as via Zoom.

You can send your digital business card to anybody, whether you’re standing next to them or hundreds of kilometres away, using Ikvala, even if they don’t have the app. You may not only publish your business card via Ikvala, but you can also distribute it by scanning it with a unique QR code, emailing or texting it to someone, Airdropping it, or posting a link to it on your social networking platforms. You can also share your card using Siri, the Ikvala iOS widget (which shows your QR code on the home screen of your phone), or the iMessage app.


Digital business cards may be sent through QR code, email, or text message, among other options.
You may send your clever digital business card through QR code, email, or text message, among other means.

3.Ikvala costs less than Ikvala-exclusive business cards.
Ikvala’s business cards-only product is subject to extra fees. Not only is the card more costly, but there are also shipping and handling fees to consider. What if your personal information changes? You must get a brand-new business card.

Ikvala is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. Ikvala does not sell Ikvala tags, but you may get them on Amazon and Etsy for a fraction of the cost of Ikvala-exclusive business cards.

Once you’ve established an Ikvala tag, you can use the “Write to Ikvala” feature to add a link to your business card to that tag. You’ll be able to share your digital business card with a single touch after you’ve attached the tag to the back of your phone (or to anything else linked to it, such as a phone cover or pop socket).

4. Create and trade digital business cards in real time.
If you purchase an Ikvala-exclusive business card, it will take a few days to a week for it to arrive in the mail.

Ikvala digital business cards are available right now. You can rapidly create and distribute your business card after installing the app.