What is the Best Way to Make a Business Card?

Business cards are useful in a variety of situations, and designing the perfect card for your purposes may be difficult. There is a business card out there for you, whether you need one to market your company, offer professional contact information, connect with friends, or for any other purpose. This post will show you how to choose the right business card for you and how to create one.

Is it important to have business cards?

Business cards have been around for centuries and are still as useful and important now as they were before. Business cards remain alive and well in both physical and digital versions, despite the fact that some organizations have ceased issuing business cards to staff in order to become green and paperless in their workplaces. Business cards are still the most effective method to convey contact information, which can help you expand your network, increase brand awareness, and increase sales.

What are the many sorts of business cards available?

When most people think of a business card, they picture a wallet-sized piece of card stock, but it isn’t the only choice. Use your imagination while making a tangible business card. These specialty business cards may be sliced into unique shapes and patterns to help you stand out from the crowd. If traditional business cards aren’t your thing (and they certainly aren’t ours), consider a digital business card. Digital business cards, such as those provided by Ikvala, provide more room than conventional paper business cards while still allowing you to express your creativity.

Hand holding a business card made of paper.

What information should be included on a business card?

It’s critical to understand what information to include on a business card. It might be difficult to decide what to put on a paper business card with limited space versus a digital business card with endless options. The following is a list of information that should be included on your business card:

1. Give your name

2. Company, department, and title

3. Contact information (basic)

4. Geographical location

5. Photograph

Website No. 6

7. Use of social media

You may add extra information on your cards if you use a digital business card, such as your WhatsApp, payment applications, Calendly, Yelp, and other services. You may add rich media to your digital business card with Ikvala, such as badges, PDFs, and an embedded YouTube video.

Check out this guide to digital business cards for a comprehensive list of elements to add on your card.



What information should you include on your business card?