How to maximize awareness of your referral program

Creating a referral program is already a very welcome and commendable step. But the work doesn’t end there. You need to market your referral program to as many people as possible. No need to think too much, it’s a simple calculation: you can’t get more referrals than the number of people who come in contact […]

5 Reasons to have software to manage your referral marketing

The goal of referral management software is first of all to help your team test different campaign strategies, then to automate the follow-up of referral links and finally to maximize the return on investment of your referral campaign to save you money. time and money. Here are five reasons why you need to have business […]

5 concrete examples of social selling to boost your sales

Everyone wants to increase sales and leads effectively, and with 80% of leads coming from LinkedIn in 2019 alone, there will be stiff competition when it comes to social selling. How do you stand out among a crowd of sales professionals? We will answer this question by analyzing 5 examples of social selling that work […]

Measure which main magnets attracted paying customers, not just MQLs

Sales and marketing departments often have a difficult alliance. They will talk to each other, but marketing rarely gets the credit it deserves for a sale. The tools we use fuel that separation. Marketing analytics show the number of leads they generate, such as website interactions and form submissions. Meanwhile, CRM data helps the sales […]


When it comes to marketing for small / medium-sized businesses, a business owner and his or her marketing team may find themselves in difficulty: what are the major digital trends to follow? What to choose from so many content marketing strategies? What will work best in terms of ROI? To answer all these questions and […]