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First Step

Need a bit of help getting started with IKVALA Notification Sales Booster App?

Capture your website visitor’s attention, turn them into loyal customers, increase your subscriber list, send them automated newsletters, offers and discounts with our app.

Build relationships

Attract your website’s visitors with targeted content

Get more conversions

Start a lead nurturing process

Increase your sales

Stay engaged with your leads

Much more features are waiting for you!

Hey, we get it: there’s so much you can do!

Here are a few suggestions to get better acquainted with us and start seeing benefit:

Step 1 – Embed Code of Popup


Step 2 – Copy the Embed Code


Step 3 – Paste The Code


Step 4 – The Result


If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to reach out to us.

And if you’re ready to start Book an Appointment with https://calendly.com/ikvala/15min

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