Selecting the Appropriate Management Platforms for Your Social Media Accounts

You will need to give some thought to which social media platforms are going to be most beneficial for your company before you can even begin to formulate a strategy for managing your social media accounts.

The following is a concise summary of the various platforms and the advantages that they may be able to bring to your company:


Facebook’s over 2.7 billion monthly active users come from a wide variety of different countries and cultures. When it comes to its user-base, Facebook boasts an age range and gender distribution that are rather well distributed. Because of this, they are working toward expanding their customer base.



For businesses who produce a lot of visual material, the social media platform Instagram is an excellent distribution avenue to use.

The average age of Instagram users is quite a bit younger than average, and more women than men now utilize the platform.

Businesses providing goods or services associated with fashion, lifestyle, art, or other sectors with a strong emphasis on visuals may find this to be an excellent venue for doing so.



Twitter is the platform that users often turn to in order to get news and keep up with trends. The platform now has 321 million active users globally.

This platform is perfect for companies or brands who wish to participate in a discussion about current events or subjects that are trending in their sector.

It is also an excellent venue for sharing material with influencers and other people who may find your business of value.



The social media network LinkedIn is the one that B2B companies use when they are targeting businesses in a variety of different fields.

You may search for individuals, communicate with them, and exchange material with them on LinkedIn according to the sort of firm they work for, the industry they are in, or their job title.



YouTube has overtaken Yahoo and Bing to become the second-largest search engine on the planet, behind only Google.

You are able to interact and connect with your audience via the use of this channel by uploading video material that you have created.

With limitless video hosting, your company has the ability to upload as much video material as it pleases and distribute it through a variety of different platforms.



Pinterest is another excellent platform for the sharing of material that is image-centric.

Customers that are interested in the following absolutely need to do this now:


  1. DIY
  2. crafts
  3. home improvement
  4. nutrition
  5. fitness
  6. Fashion

It is possible that Pinterest may be beneficial for your company if it provides a product or service that lends itself nicely to visuals.