6 Tips to help you succeed with your referral program

Lots of people are getting more and more into the creation of referral programs. Once you’ve launched your referral program, it’s not enough to sit back and wait for referrals to arrive, there is still a lot to be done in order to promote its success. For example, getting the message across to your users and constantly reminding them that you have a referral program is critical to the success of your campaign. Here are six tips that will help you be successful in your referral program.

1. Your rewards must be incentive and accessible

The most important factor in promoting your referral program is making sure you get the best reward (s) you can offer. In effect, promotion is all about reminding your customers of the rewards they can earn. How to do ?

• Make the rewards incentive: For example, you can offer referrers a $ 100 gift card. This is a great way to get your attendees to share.

• Make the rewards available: If you ask someone to make 10 referrals, but only give away one free t-shirt, then it will be difficult for your customers to make 10 referrals for your product or service. With this type of approach, it will be an uphill battle even if you have an amazing business with clients who truly love you.

2. Launch the referral program by sending an email to your existing customers

You can do this in 2 ways :

• You can import your existing customers to automatically add them as participants to your referral program.

• You can have a dedicated landing page that you can send any potential client or lawyer to so they can sign up and enter their unique referral link to share.

3. Sharing on social networks

When you launch your referral program, be sure to show the ad wherever your audience interacts with you to let them know you have a referral program. Additionally, you should also schedule social media posts to remind your followers of your referral program, as a tweet in a sea of ​​noise can easily be drowned out.

4. The need to have a dedicated landing page

Create a dedicated landing page where your users can learn about the specifics of your referral program, including how it works and the rewards. This should also be a page where your attendees can come back to enter their unique referral link and see their stats and progress towards rewards.

5. Placing your referral program on your website with dedicated links

Put dedicated links to your referral program on your website. Here are some places where it may be useful to add them: Header links, footer links, inline buttons …

6. Promote your referral program in every email your business issues

Whether you have a monthly newsletter, a welcome email series, or you send out a seasonal email explosion, be sure to update your email templates to include the unique referral link. of the participant at the foot of the email and remind them that they can win.